Top 5 Mobile Notary Public Tips 

When I founded my company, Denton Notary to GO in 2017 I did not know how to get started.  Eventually I figured everything out and here’s my 5 tips on what I did to get up and running! 

  1. Research — for other notaries in your local area so you can provide referrals when you are unable to take an assignment and visa versa and someone to call for questions and guidance.
  2. Study— Educate yourself on your state’s laws, take online courses on how to work as a Notary Public. One of my favorite place I go to learn is from Bill S at www.notarycoach.com
  3. Verify your business with Google — www.google.com/business and claim your Google My Business for Google Search and Maps. Once you have verified your business now you can respond to reviews, post your services, have a free local website and more.
  4. Network— with your local service based business that have a notary on staff – for example Law Office’s & Hospitals. These business will appreciate having a resource to call should their internal notary may be ill, take vacation or it’s more economical for the office to hire a notary for assignments off site.
  5. Marketing — sign up for business accounts with every social media platform. The more your information is “out there” and seen the more you will be top of mind when someone needs a notary or refer a friend.

Most of all have fun, you have found an opportunity to provide a much needed service and often times you are needed in people’s lives at difficult times.

By providing Mobile Notary Services, this is where you can shine with your customer service skills!

*I have provided a link to Amazon on this post for my favorite Notary Journal Book & I may receive a commission.  I LOVE this journal because it’s hard back, lots of space to fillin your information & holds up to 400+ entries!