In 2017 I decided to open my own small business offering local Mobile Notary Public services.

I’ve learned a lot mostly thru trial and error but ultimately I’ve mastered how to get on the first page for Google Search and Google Maps.

If you are just getting started as a Mobile Notary & want to learn more here’s my Top 5 tips that resulted in my phone (using Google Voice) ringing everyday.

  1. Verify your business with Google My Business (also known as GMB) this step is very important for local services types of business. When customers go to search via Google search or Google maps this where you want to rank on the local 3-pk. (also known as Google’s first page)

Here is an example of what a Google My Business (this is my actual GMB page) looks like. Please keep in mind having a hosted website (Word Press, Wix) vs GMB are two separate platforms.

2. Join Facebook groups that are specific to Mobile Notary business best practices. I recommend finding just a few groups in your state, local area and a couple of national groups. In these groups I was able to ask questions, meet other notaries in my area and stay up-to-date. In the beginning I became a member of every Facebook group that had anything notary public related. I later found it was too overwhelming to have so many different groups so I recommend a few as mentioned above.

3. Build a network of other Notary’s in your area for mentoring and referrals. This was extremely helpful for me in the beginning because I had someone that I could reach out too should I have questions and to provide referrals when I was unavailable and vice a versa.

4. Signup for a Google Voice (free from Google) account for your business phone number. This way you keep your personal and business accounts separate. By doing so you will know if the inbound call is for business or personal. Additionally I like Google voice because I like to keep track of all these phone calls incoming and out going, voicemails and text messages that I can refer back to if needed.

5. Research is key to learning more about your business. My research consisted of watching hundreds of You Tube videos and Google searching all things Mobile Notary.

Believe in yourself- you got this! Build your brand and yourself this takes time and patience but trust me your hard work will pay off in the end and you will have created your own Mobile Notary Empire 😃!

If you would like to learn more or have questions please provide your contact info below. This was my very first blog with plans on many more to come!

*please keep in mind these suggestions are what worked for me and may or may not work for you but at least now you have a starting point*