Do you operate your business out of your car morning and night? If you said YES – keep reading and I will share with you my Best USB LED light I found to use in my mobile office.

Foldable LED USB Desk Lamp

I’m a Mobile Notary Public and sometimes I meet with my customers on location to notarize their documents.

Typically I’m meeting with my customers in a parking lots or in other areas that are poorly lighted to notarize their documents. I was using my built in flashlight on my iPhone however it was very difficult holding my phone and signing the documents all at the same time.

So I started looking for other options and stumbled across this folding, slim and portable LED desk lamp that is rechargeable by USB.

This is perfect to use on a table top or you can adjust to have the light shine over the documents. I also like to use this light when I’m walking up to a customer’s residence to light the walking path and to view house numbers at night. This is a tool that I ALWAYS keep in my mobile notary travel bag.

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