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Mobile Notary Services in denton county

Meet Denton Notary To GO

Most people don’t realize they need a notary until they need it right then and there. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe your car was towed on a late-night out, and you need a VSF notarized at 1 a.m. Or, your mother needs her Will notarized, but she’s homebound. 

These situations happen more often than you think, and having to wait is simply not an option.

This is where April San Miguel with Denton Notary To GO comes into play!


What We Do

Denton Notary to GO is a mobile, 24-hour service that makes the process of having your important documents signed by a Notary Public convenient and hassle-free. Denton Notary to GO will meet you anywhere, anytime, and any place, making it the go-to source for all things notary in Denton County.

April San Miguel Mobile Notary Public in Denton, TX meets with customers to notarize documents

Hi I'm April! Owner and Founder of Denton Notary to GO

I'm the owner and founder of Denton Notary to GO! I'm often asked how did I get started......

Back in 2017 I needed to get a document notarized for a family member with limited mobility.  Several hours and phone calls later I finally was able to book a mobile notary appointment.   

It was during this process that I realized that there was a real need for more mobile notary services in Denton County!  

The following day I researched and learn everything that I needed to know to start a company and become a Notary Public.    

Here it is two years later, Denton Notary to GO has been recognized as The Best of Denton County for Professional Notary Services, tons of 5 star Google reviews and hundreds of notarized documents by me!  

I'm so thankful for all of the business and support, I LOVE what I do and never thought signing my name on a document with a stamp would make such a difference on my heart!  

My favorite customer quote......

"You are faster than pizza delivery service" 


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